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What Our Patients Think Of Us

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Becky N.

Thank you Dr. Lam for taking gentle care of my dental needs. I have been seeing Dr. Lam for six years. I use to take medication just to go to the dentist. Dr. Lam and his team put me at ease and are always there to meet my dental needs. Thank you for your kindness and I look forward to my next appointment.


Dr Nguyen and his team are wonderful! Compassionate, patient, caring and incredibly professional. I have never experienced such relaxed setting at a dental office! I am grateful for their care and patience and great work . I would recommend him and the the team anytime to anyone. Thank you!

Matt S.

Dr. Nguyen's exam of my teeth was the most thorough one I've ever had. He talked to me about everything he noticed, both good and bad; I really appreciated his directness and I trusted his advice. His staff members are all great too.

Karen S.

The most educated & experienced dentist I’ve ever been to! He doesn't try to sell you on more dental work, he sticks to what is necessary! Unbelievable! He was absolutely 100% thorough & took his time to do that. He knows his stuff inside and out and his staff and assistants are so helpful & polite just like he is! He is patient with you unlike the other dentists I’ve been to. The best dental visit I’ve ever had!

Robby F.

Dr Lam Nguyen is an amazing dentist. I have known him for almost 3 years now. He truly cares for you as a patient and your individual needs and concerns. He explains recommended treatment, and takes into consideration your individual financial status to propose the best treatment that fits your budget. He stands behind his work. I would recommend him to anybody regardless of age or condition.

Courtney L.

Dr Lam is a caring, compassionate dentist! He takes the time to explain all your treatment options and answers any questions you may have! He is great with dental anxiety and with kids! I would recommend him to anyone, young or old. He truly is not here for the money, but cares about your overall dental health!

Jonathan B.

Dr. Lam I have known for over a year now and he has been one of my favorite dentist because I know he does a great job and I have heard good reviews from his old patients. He is a funny guy but serious with his work. He is going to do great things in life and go far. I am happy he is continuing his journey in life doing the things he loves most and that is helping people.

Leah M.

Dr. Nguyen is extremely skilled, and trustworthy - I always know I am being charged fairly or less than what other dentists charge (I looked into it, did comparisons), and the dental work he does is phenomenal and pristine.  I am a skeptical type of person, especially with dentists, and Dr. Lam and his practice more than pass my skepticism bar.  After my crowns were finished (and look beautiful), I actually felt sad that I wouldn't see the the staff for the next 6 months until my next cleaning-  bizarre!  I am so happy to have finally found a dentist I trust, who is fair, and who does great work.  Thank you Dr. Nguyen and staff!

William P.

Dr. Lam is the reason I am no longer sick from bad teeth, and a major help in sorting my life out. Without the care he took in making my experience in having teeth removed and replaced, I would still be fighting to find work in southern Oregon. In all of my trials in dentistry, and all of the dentists I've seen and been through, he was the first to offer alternatives and treatment that worked, and was more considerate than any dentist I've dealt with.

Sassy K.

Dr. Lam is amazing! He’s great with all of his patients and tries to make every experience a good one. I really like him. He’s a great doctor. I tell everyone I know to see him.

Kathy M.

Dr. Nguyen and his staff are unparalleled to any other dental office I have been to. They do amazing work and make you feel safe and secure.

Jocelyn P.

I give Dr. Nguyen and his staff many two thumbs up!! I've never been so comfortable going to the dentist, knowing I'm getting the best professional care and respect from these peeps. Thank you, Jodi, Shelsea, and Dr. Nguyen! You rock!!!

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